Heading home to Whanganui

I was honoured to be invited to visit Whanganui for the Festival of Adult Learning at the beginning of September. It became apparent on the plane ride how connected I am still with my birth place, as I sat next to a man who knew my family name.

The Whanganui Learning Centre and Talking Matters hosted me on Monday. I met some fascinating people and shared the story of how my Grandmother's family came to live in Whanganui.

The main library hosted me the following day, where I met so many adorable fans.

After our events, we enjoyed some time exploring the over 800 waka on display in two galleries, as part of Ngā Hekenga project. Each waka represents a family migration story. This visual display is a fantastic way to start the story telling dialogue. Before I flew out, I was taken on tour around my old haunts. We drove by our old family homes and popped in for a special visit to my Kindergarten in Putiki.

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