Imaginative play

Ever since I made this book for my son, the boys have found waka or explored other concepts from the book in their play. Today the boys and their friend have put on a play for you all at the Papamoa log – the biggest waka at our beach.

Left: Logan (6.5) is taking his acting role very seriously. He'll be happy to keep going until we have the perfect cut.

Middle: Olive (5) has been practising her pukana at home. Look how well she performs!

Right: Torsen (4.95) loves to pukana but thinks it's time to jump off the waka and into the ocean now.

If your tamariki love performing scenes from Row, row, row your waka – don't forget to pukana, I mean - tag us in your video or photo posts! @authorrebeccalarsen We're planning on compiling the best videos and photos into an awesome video to share. Enjoy!

Cousins playing on a waka at Eastborne, Wellington.

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