Grandad Alex was a Prisoner of War in WWII. Like many returned soldiers he did not talk much about his experiences, he did, however, write down diary notes and letters home to his mother. This book has taken many years for Mum to and I to complete. For Mum, it was a jigsaw puzzle and required a lot of war research. This edition is printed in colour throughout.

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Having read the book it is a credit to Lorraine, Rebecca gave me a new respect for uncle Alex how he survived that is a miracle his deep catholic faith must helped substantially. RIP Congratulations to you both. Peter Coogan.

Would you please pass on my thanks to Lorraine and Rebecca my extreme thanks for all the work they did to make this available so I can know who my uncle was and what he endured. I had no real perspective of this before. It also gave me a little understanding of my auntie Dell knowing the man she married more. My own father never spoke to me of his war experiences (or much anything else for that matter) so I had little idea of how it was. So thank you for sending me the book.
Kindly M. James Jordan

To the Holy Lands, through Hell and Home again